Śladami historii...


The building was raised in 1903 as the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, which was maintained and supervised by the parson of the Old Gostyń Parish. It was the continuation of the Foundation of Mikołaj Przedpełkovic of the Łodzia Coat of Arms, the founder and the first owner of Gostyń, of 1301. Since 1936 it was The Church’s institution - the Holy Spirit Shelter for the Elderly, which could accommodate 16 people. The poor Catholics, with no family and unable to work could become residents of the institution. The shelter provided free of charge accommodation and meals, as well as medical care. The assets were administered by the trust consisting each time of the Old Gostyń parson – as a chairman, the parson of the parish church in Gostyń – as the deputy chairman, two Polish citizens of Gostyń and one inhabitant of Old Gostyń, elected for the three-year term of office and approved of by the general vicar of the Archbishop Curia in Poznań. In the period of the World War II a German communication squad was quartered there. In the years 1945 – 1948 the building served its original purpose, yet its administrator was the parish church of St. Margaret in Gostyń. In 1948 the building was taken over by the State Treasury. The town’s retail traders, the Common Co-operative of Food Producers and the District Job Center had their seats there. After the transformation period the building was returned to the parish, from which it was purchased by the Gostyń Commune. Since 2010 the building has been the seat of the Museum of Gostyń, a local self-government cultural institution, operating since 1967. It is a regional museum, with exhibits from the area of today’s Gostyń district. The institution carries the local region research, and runs tourist and publishing activity.