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The Library

The Association of Reading Rooms for Women was one of most resilient and energetic organizations operating in Gostyń, and it belonged to the most numerous ones in the region. It came into existence on October the 20th, 1907 and its main task was to run a library.

The size and the character of the organization made it change the seat quite often. At one of the plenary sessions in October 1927, an architect from Poznań, Lucjan Michałowski showed a draft of the new seat of the Association, which was received with great enthusiasm. On October the 7th, 1932 an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association of Reading Rooms for Women adopted the Articles worked out by the management, which endowed the Association with the legal personality. Registering the organization in the magistrate’s court took place on October the 14th, 1932.

On 9 September 1933 a plot of land was purchased to build the new seat in 3rd May Street (today: 257 Wrocławska Street) and the construction works lasted from the spring to autumn 1934. On 28 October 1934 a prelate dr Nikodem Mędlewski , at a celebration with local authorities, sponsors, members of the Association and builders consecrated the erected building, which had been built according to the plans prepared free of charge by Lucjan Michałowski, who also managed the construction. The sponsors of the investment included: the management of the Gostyń Sugar Plant, Edward Potworowski from Gola, Antoni Przybecki - a tenant of the property in Czachorowo, Jan Grzymisławski, Kazimierz Peisert, Oskar Klimpel, Władysław Hasiński and Stanisław Grześkowiak.

The German invaders destroyed a greater part of books belonging to the Association and the saviors were no better in this respect.

Formally, the Association of Reading Rooms for Women resumed its activity in 1946, but it did not take up its statutory activities. It functioned only theoretically till 1953, when as a result of the central authorities’ decision all social organizations were liquidated.

In 1947 the building became the seat of the District and City Public Library in Gostyń . Its first manager was Piotr Laurentowski. To gain books for the created library, there was an appeal to the society, which was very fruitful. In 1955 the whole building, consisting of 7 rooms with the total area of 138 square meters, became the property of the District and City Public Library in Gostyń. The new library functioned in this facility till 1969, despite numerous endeavors to get permission for rebuilding and enlarging the building. The book collection was continuously growing and the scope of the library operation expanded as well.

In 1966 a decision was made to rebuild the existing building, which took place in the years 1969 – 1972. A three-floor facility with a basement was erected, of the total area of 1477 square meters. Till 2010 the local museum was also located in this building.

Today, the building houses the City and Commune Public Library in Gostyń, a self-governmental cultural institution of the Gostyń Commune.