Śladami historii...

May the 1st Street

It is one of the oldest streets in Gostyń. Up until 1920 it had been called Leszczyńska Street, later it was renamed – the Holy Spirit’s. After 1945 the street received its present day name.

Leszczyńska Gate, through which a road led to the Great Suburb, was located in this street. It is impossible to determine today when the Gate was disassembled. This was where the town’s moat flew, guarding the access to the settlement from the west.

In 1301 the then owner of the town Mikołaj Przedpełkowic of the Łodzia Coat of Arms founded a church and a hospital of the Holy Spirit, ordering the provostry of Old Gostyń to maintain it. The founding of these two was solemnly confirmed by the bishop of Poznań Andrew I on October 27, 1301.

The first church was built at the beginning of the 14th century. It was wooden and a few times fell victim of conflagration. However, it was always reconstructed. Until the times of reformation its history is little known. In 1565 it was taken over by force by Jan Gostyński – one of the heirs of the town, and designed to serve the religious dissenters. The following rectors of Stary (Old) Gostyń , who also managed the church and the hospital of the Holy Spirit, fought fierce battles over the years to return the temple to the Roman-Catholics. It happened eventually by the decisions of Lands Tribunal in Kościan and a Magistrate’s Court in Poznań in 1577. From the records of inspection dated on 1610 we know that the church was still wooden, molded with clay. The indulgence fair took place then on the first Sunday after Saint Bartholomew’s. One holy mass was celebrated here weekly. In 1630 the temple fell into ruin. Fifteen years later a new temple was built here again, although a visiting priest called it a chapel. But in 1760 it burned. Soon, building a new church of the Holy Spirit started. Its existence is confirmed by an inspection from the year 1777. The church, however, was built carelessly and soon burned. There is no information in the sources about the existence of a church of the Holy Spirit in Gostyń after 1788.

Soon after erecting the first church, a cemetery was located next to it. It existed probably till the 18th century. Later, a garden with fruit trees was organized there. To commemorate the cemetery, in the middle of the garden there was a stylish chapel with a painting of the Holy Trinity and a cross. The garden was surrounded by a fence with stylish railing from the street, it included brick pillars and a decorative gate in the middle.

The hospital – it was a ground floor house with an attic room, with four windows. It served as a shelter for elderly women and men from the Gostyń parish. It was dismantled at the beginning of the 20th century and the grounds of the hospital together with the garden were divided into building plots. In 1903 a brick hospital of the Holy Spirit was erected in Kościelna (Church) 5 Street. It continued to serve the role of the institution appointed by the first owner of Gostyń.